Tuesday, May 25, 2010

6 cutie-baby-puppy-kittens is way better than 2 cutie-baby-puppy-kittens.!

My best friend in the entire world (Jandice Mclavich from East-side Schaumburg) sent me this video. Even though its not just 100% kitten oriented i still felt a need to post it. enjoy kitties.http://www.ultrakawaii.com/furryfriends/episode/UK_20080303/ultra-kawaii-cute-groups-cute-puppies-funny-cats

Monday, May 17, 2010

this tongue wiggler makes my heart wiggle.

Normally we only post kitties. Tiny adorable kitties - hence the name Mickies Kitties - however our friend Joanna Foley of Chicago couldn't help but share her cat Mango's special talent! Keep up the great work Joanna! Click on the link to see Joanna's cat! http://purinaanimalallstars.yahoo.com/?v=7485498&l=100000085

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Meet our newest heart sparklers!

This is Jelly Bean, Caramel, and Giselle (no relation to the non-kitty model! LOL). These kitties live the next apartment over and are all VERY excited to make their AOL-NET-WEB debut on Mickies Kitties!

This is Bundles. Bundles, meet the internet!

This is Bundles, our newest addition and first timer to the World Wide Web (www)! He's pretty excited because we just finished his first photoshoot!

The three cutest kitties? you decide!

Hey there kittie lovers!

Are these the tree cutest kitties you've ever seen? I want yall to decide!


Welcome to Mickies Kitties!